Saturday, 25 October 2014



 A Kenyan made vehicle has entered the market at the low price of 999 (lol, I have always wanted to say that), but on a serious note the car trading under the name Mobius 11 will cost Ksh 950,000. The car is specifically designed for rough roads and off road terrain.

The Mobius II has entered showrooms at a price of Sh950,000. PHOTO | COURTESY

 yeaahhh! You would think we would be excited by our innovation right. Shock on you, the news has been received by lots of mockery and jeering, social media is awash with mock horror  (thought to be fair there has been some positive reception too). The vehicle which comes with extras such as air conditioning and power steering has been ridiculed and laughed for its alleged lack of aesthetic value otherwise known as ugliness. I do not deny that there isn’t much to look at, but really why not celebrate the fact that this is a Kenyan made thing. Haven’t we been yearning for industrialization? Why bring down those who are literally advancing vision 20-30?

After reading some of the comments on business daily online, I had to hang my head and cry for the spirit of my beloved Kenya. There is nothing wrong with well meant and justified constructive criticism that even has a solution, but this blanket criticism I condemn. What I decipher from your harsh response is that you doubt your adequacy; you don’t believe you are good enough. In your minds the Japanese and Germans are more human than you; the Lord gave them a bigger chunk of the human brain. For crying out loud decolonize your thinking.

Some of the comments as seen on,

Ati Mobius, they could have just named it Uglius!!!

What an eyesore. Ugliest jalopy I have ever seen. Hurts just to look at it. Reeks of "mzungu perception" of what an African car should look like. I still think its a scam (to rip off UN/NGOs) or some weird money laundering outfit and I will be shocked if they sell even one unit. What engine does it use (and is it new or refurbished)? Has it passed any official safety & roadworthiness tests? Where's the data & certification? Could be a death trap. Also look at the metal bullbars that can seriously harm pedestrians or cause great damage even in a small accident. NTSA!!!! KEBS!! Where art thou? This is a scandal!

But this comments from these patriotic Kenyans redeemed it all;

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This is cool. Practical and easy to customize. I could definitely use this. For those who are joining the usual Kenyan bashing party-Kenya's favorite pass time... Sit on your ramp and hate on anyone who's actually trying to do something- this car is not built for you. It's built for hard working people who understand the importance of an affordable, new car that can withstand harsh conditions. The Japanese garbage in pretty dresses we've been importing is costing us a fortune to maintain and run and just filling up our dumpy sites. I've seen this car in testing, it's a great start for local manufacturing. Congratulations to the team at Möbius, I hope the laws of commerce favor you.

I particularly liked the phrase ‘Kenyan bashing party-Kenya's favorite pass time’ that I would modify to ‘Kenyans bashing Kenya party - Kenyans’ favorite pass time’

You may call it ugly, but i very proud it's Kenyan. Even if you mother is the ugliest in the entire county she's still your mother. That's how India started, today the ugly TATAs and MARUTIs are rolling in thousands from the assembly line and exported allover the world including Kenya. Thumbs up Mobius the journey has just began. It's now time for government to switch from passat to mobius....I've also offered Mobius to post free on

My dear friends there is no place like home, East or West home is best. Natujenge Taifa letu, and if you can’t, shut up sit back and let those who can build it for you.

Long live Mobius, and even if you don’t I still celebrate you. Do not let them laugh you out of town.


  1. Totally disagree. I think it is because we hold ourselves to a higher standard